1. Use the widget


Facebook is top social media site and its widget is simple but useful.Facebook gives you a scrollable window for tapping through your friends, without any without any extra adverts and other baggage in the full app.In this, you can also update your status also from the widget too and share it.his is gives you a handy way of getting important information right there on your home screen.


2. Manage your notifications


In you facebook manager you can manage your notifications that facebook makes them very easy to switch particular types of notifications on and off.Get to the App settings > Notification settings and then you will able to enable or disable for the wall posts, messages, friends request, Through comments and photo tags or many other things.


3. Find interesting places Through


the Android facebook app, you can find the interesting places nearby.You choose your nearby place to find the places around you that have their own Facebook Page.This is very hard to find restaurants, bars, shops or other venues if you’re in an unfamiliar part of the world.So you click on the information about that place.
4. Filter the news feed

Facebook app also gives you the access to your customized lists from the main menu too.For changing the list of someone appears in simple your profile and tap Friends > Edit Friend List.

5. Share from other apps

It gives you a very good way of sharing something to your timeline without having to actually go into Facebook and you have to get all the usual status update options.

6. Stop videos from auto-playing

Video Auto-play is one of the most useful entries in the Facebook app.It is let you turn autoplay and off or enable the when you have wifi connection only.

7. Save videos and links for later

This is another very best way to Save videos if you tap on the drop-down arrow next to a news feed post containing a video or link so you can save account inside the content to come back to later.

8. Check your account security

You can also see all of the places and devices associated with account inside of the facebook click on the Account Settings, Security, and Active Sessions.

9. Disable chat heads

Now Messenger becomes the separate app on Android device and its distinctive features are the way conversations appear as ‘chat heads’ above other apps on your device.If you dislike this behavior so you can turn off it, You click on the cog icon inside the Messenger app access the settings and click on the Chat heads to enable or disable the feature and tweak the way it works.

10. Pick your favorite friends

There is a list of online friends on the accessible via a tap on the portrait icon in the top-right corner of the Facebook app.Sou you select the edit you bring the contacts you interact with most often to the top of the list so you can save your time and effort of hunting through the list to find your favorite friends.
11. Hide a friend’s feed

If you want to stop seeing someone’s updates without actually unfriending them or blocking them so you go to their page click on the Following, then select Unfollow.So you will never see their posts and the posts they are tagged in again.

12. Prioritize a friend’s feed

If you want to the opposite of above you can choose a certain friend’s posts before all others.So simply you go to their page and click on the following button and then see first.So any post that your’s this friend will make the jump and come on the top of the news feed so that you never miss them.

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