Best heart rate monitor: Instant Heart Rate

The very important track of your heart rate during the different stages of your fitness.Whether this is before during and after the workout.you should keep eye on it.Instant heart rate gives you the accurate heart rates when you need all of them so you can reach your fitness goals.There are many heart rate monitoring apps out there that track through a camera system but there is Instant Heart Rate has some features that set it apart. So when you are working out, you can see what your heart rate is and check if it’s moving towards the goal you want it to.For the instance, you  should have a different heart rate for weight loss and cardio and the app measures that.The instant Heart Rate’s tracking system gives you a timeline for your heart so with the help of if you can track whether you’ve been hitting your cardio or fat-burning goals.You can also track your resting heart rate.This app pro version is $2.99 and features unlimited heart rate tracking and no ads.
Best for measuring your body fat: BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator app is also very best this is very simple and easy to use app which sets it apart from the other body fat measuring apps.All you have to need to do is plug in your height and weight and this app will give you a percentage estimate of your body fat. After calculated your body fat this app will give you a recommendation about your exercise regimen. This app will tell you the category your body fat is at.There are eight classes of body fat are available in the and they range from ‘Very Severely Underweight’ to ‘Obese Class III.This also gives you a target weight so you know what your target goal is and this app is totally free.

Best for busy people and beginners: 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout is the brilliant app for those who are just getting started with fitness.7 Minute Workout app is workout routine that can aid weight loss and strengthen muscles. This app has not many many tracking or social features this app is focused on the delivering a simple set of exercises and ensuring you know how to perform them.The main strength of this app is its ability to provide a non-threatening entry point and very best healthy lifestyle.

Best for simplicity: Google Fit

Google Fit app be logged automatically for steps and activity time, age, Weight, and heart rate.This own google health fitness app now it can aggregate info from other apps like the Xiaomi Mi bands, Basis, Withings, MyFitnessPal, Lifesun, Nike+ and three from this list: Runkeeper, Strava and Sleep as Android.This is also tightly integrated with Android and Android Wear so this convenient option as well.
Best all-rounder: RunKeeper


RunKeeper app has very good reputation and it has a number of features in its own app but also the number of third-party services it plugs into.RunKeeper app also works with both Google Fit and Apple Health.In this has many best many better options you can also run on a map via GPS tracking.There are social aspects to the app as well and you can share achievements with your friends or family.
Best for cyclists and runners: Strava

This is also another well-known app with a strong reputation.The Strava app has handy features.This app lets you track distance,
speed, pace, elevation and the other statistics options.

Best for workout jams: Spotify Running

Spotify Running app known feature of the popular music streaming app.This app will play music according to your choice and in accordance with the tempo of your run.To find the features into if you go yo Browse > Genres & Moods, and select Running. Pick up a playlist, start running and Spotify will detect your tempo automatically.

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