Step Counts are Just Rough Estimates
There are all pedometer apps are not just very best designed that are count the best accurately compared with the others that we have testing.But you can not on rely on the steps counter to be 100% accurate.Even when we walked with the all four recording our numbers of steps at the same time they are not ended with the same
numbers.When we walked a hundred steps on an app is reported 90 steps and the another said 17 0, senstivityLike the fitness tracking bracelets, the pedometer apps in your Android phone can only give approximate values.Its accuracy can be improved with a little tinkering though so you can just adjust the sensitivity of the step counter.You can test it with 100 or 200 steps Before you dive into a new pedometer app and your sensitivity for your smartphones until it becomes more accurate.As the rule of thumb just take the number with a grain of salt and understand that they are just a guideline. If your’s step count is high you have been moving around a lot.If your step count is low get off the couch and go for a walk.The app listed here do not offer any fitness features.So if you are interested into the detailed statistics you check out the overview of the best fitness apps for Android, These all have also a step counter integrated.
The best Android pedometer apps: Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach (Pacer)

Pedometer app and Weight Loss Coach by Pacer Health shows you that how many steps you have taken Weight Loss Coach by Pacer Health shows you.And also you enter your weight into the beautifully designed app.So as well as your target goals.In the additionally way this is keeping track of your progress over weeks and months.It’s great selection of the settings is what makes this app really great.The basic features of this apps are free but this also offers the training programs and advanced analysis as in-app purchases.

The best Android pedometer apps: Accupedo Pedometer

This app counts your steps accurately.You have to set you age, gender, body size and weight and this app is also calculated the individual numbers of steps that you should try to reach per day.You can also display your progress for the day, week or month and also the year.Its all data saved into the MicroSD card or Google Drive.This app is also calculates the calories burned by walking.
The best Android pedometer apps: Pedometer

Here is the another best counter with a twist..This is not just display how many steps you walked, though.It also tells you how many calories you’ve burned, the distance, your walking time and miles per hours.This is using your weight, height, and age to track burned calories with the accuracy.So you simply tap on the start button to start the counting.This app is very practical and informative.You can also customize the app’s color scheme easily.
The best Android pedometer apps: Noom Walk Pedometer

Noom Walk Pedometer this is very best battery-saving app because the app only uses the movement of the smartphone to count the steps without accessing the GPS services.Its interface without accessing GPS services.In this app, you can customize your settings and view the progress of days and weeks or add the notes.
You can connect is with your friend and keep up the users from all over the world.

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