Want to Change app icon? We tell you how!

change app icon

If you are using android phone and there is some apps icons which you dont like then developers here for you to help in this case you wana change app icon then here is the solution. There is one app which can do this easily for you any time this app ...

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Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge dimensions leaked

Galaxy S7 edge dimensions

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge dimensions leaked Former a few days back, a story from South Korea assert that there will be just two editions of the Samsung Galaxy S7: a humdrum 5.2-inch account and a curved-edge 5.5-inch alternative. Just hours later of this news, an assumption leaked ...

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UMi Zero 2 features

UMi Zero 2

UMi Zero 2 features 2K screen with 4GB of RAM and deca core CPU If we go in the reverse and that too not very far but in July the preceding year 2015, it was mentioned about concerning the UMi Zero 2, life form shaped by up until now an ...

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ZTE Axon Pro Review

ZTE Axon Pro

ZTE Axon Pro Review Introduction: With the fresh opening of its original flagship line here for the US, the ZTE Axon Pro is unquestionably the upshot of countless years of striving setting up. Audacity, a specs sheet that impresses on all fronts, an extra amazing part of this phone is the undercutting ...

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Meizu M2 Note Review

meizu m2

Meizu M2 Note Review Introduction: The Meizu m2 Note raises from a Chinese brand Meizu that remnant out of the extent of the conventional patron in the West. This, though, does not means that it is an incomprehensible and a dappled brand. Meizu has a moderately loyal following in China, and ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 users getting android 6.0.1 on their Phones


Samsung Galaxy S5 users getting android 6.0.1 on their Phones Previously the Samsung whispered that it was coming across for possessors of the ajar Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in the U.K. and South Korea, who want to seize part in beta analysis of the Android 6.0 update. Whether, what ...

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First Samsung Galaxy A TV Commercial

Samsung Galaxy A TV

First Samsung Galaxy A TV Commercial for you Samsung Galaxy A TV Commercial – This handset is available for purchase in China, Samsung’s innovative Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A7 is to be schemed to launch in other marketplace opening January. Waiting then, Samsung wants to make in no doubt that ...

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HTC One X9 is official now

htc one x9

HTC One X9 is official now Lately an official teaser announced that the HTC One X9 will be legitimately announced. Whereas the HTC One X9 manufactured goods page went live on the HTC China website, successfully introducing the One X9 to the civic. The HTC One X9 frequently made headlines throughout ...

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