Motorola Android MAX 2 Review

Motorola Android Max 2

Motorola Android Max 2 Full Review Introduction: In this year ahead, it is prone that the, Verizon and Motorola will brought upon us a new series of smartphones and that will be two new DROID devices. The phones names will be; – DROID Turbo 2 – DROID MAXX 2 Amongst ...

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Google Play Music plans subscriber not available yet

google play music

Still Google Play Music Plan Subscriber not available yet but it will be soon Google when broad casted the new Nexus units, they mentioned that it would be corresponding with other streaming music services too by bane-faction of a dynasty, for giving them a layout who are the subscribers of Google Play ...

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Best Dual Sim Phones in 2015

best dual sim phones

The best dual sim phones in 2015 year Usually the manufacturers of cell phones are producing the best dual SIM phones versions for the most popular handsets they own. The argumentation behind that procreation of acquiring the phones with two SIM card slots is that for the sustainability of the ...

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Samsung Galaxy A8 updated for Japan

samsung galaxy a8

Samsung just updated samsung Galaxy A8 for Japan users A version that is rejuvenated of samsung galaxy A8 has been afloat in Japan. It could be a thought, that; it possibly is the gift for the New Year ahead. But, this condensation of this phone is not said to be ...

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Which android version you are using on your Android Device?

android version

Which Android Version you are using on your smart phone? If talking about android and android version, the outspoken result of Android’s un-fastened nature claims that the platform is ubiquitously disintegrated in even within an unblinded manufacturer’s product portfolio; with every single product. Many distinct OS are being used in ...

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Instagram’s Android app gets 3D Touch like feature

touch like feature

Instagram’s Android app gets its new 3d touch like feature Ever since Apple promulgated the force touch on the Apple Watch, the pressure-sensing mechanism has been the center of attraction for all the talks, whereas; there are still some people who persist accepting this that the force touch or the 3D ...

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