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Review of Latest LG V20

LG V20 is latest and nice phone but this phone got overshadowed by the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Design and Hardware of LG V20

The design and the hardware of LG V20 are closer to the G5 and V10.Its textures replaced with the metal and with plastic.Its button on the side is connected with the metal back and helping to access the battery.LG V20 has already the design of G5 so the non-removable top and bottom section of the back its has that are made of plastic.Back of plastic is more durable of it’s against the drops.This phone has the same camera and fingerprint scanner set-up like as are in G5.Its dual camera system is great.This is very lightweight phone that feels you very easy.Its weight almost 15 grams and more that is less than premium feel.Its size is bigger than iPhone 7 Plus,Note 7,V10 ,Pixel XL and Nexus 6P.On the top of the phone slightly thinner and narrower than the V10.This phone is pushing the boundaries of “phablet.”This phone has the same scanner just like the G5.This phone has the physical button that doubles as the power button.The design and hardware of this phone are very best and amazing so all of this its features this is the best smartphone on the market.

Second Screen

The second screen of this phone has many different function and features that are very awesome.This second screen can display the five different app and different contacts at a time.Its second screen gives the certain apps and the notification system and many other features like media control,recent apps and quick wifi tools.This screen shows extra UI media controls and easier use to the app switcher.
Main DisplayThis device has the second screen is the 5.7-inch main display with many latest features.This device has a Quad HD LCD panel and LCD or AMOLED.This device colors are very true and everything looks crisp.

Audio Quality

This device audio quality is very best.These device speakers are very loud and clear with the comparison of the other devices.This phone has also the three high AOP microphones arranged around the device and this built-in HD audio recorder apps.


The camera of this phone is standard 16MP with f/1.8 aperture.The second screen camera is 8MP with a 135-degree field of views and its wide range camera is handy.


This device has much great software and features as a V20 is Nougat.This device has same like LG interface.That are works efficiently and nicely in this device.

Battery and Performance

This phone has 3200 mAh battery.In this device has an amazing feature that can buy an extra battery and swap and extra second battery.Its battery timing is also good and runs  smooth and snappy.

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